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TekReach has been excellent to work with. They understood our requirements. They sat down with us to make absolutely sure before they started developing code, that they understood our requirements.

TekReach has delivered on everything that we needed."

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SharePoint Features


Every company needs structure. SharePoint can provide the perfect intranet solution to organize, distribute and govern content across the enterprise.


With SharePoint inviting customers and partners to collaboration on mutual content becomes a breeze. Create, invite and secure content as you see fit.


Documents in the cloud provide the best way for teams to work on documents by avoiding perpetual email attachments and ensures users are always able to find the latest versions of documents.

Document Collaboration


Stream line your business processes with hosted SharePoint workflows. Workflows are smart business investments that can save valuable time in automating a business process such as Capital Expense, New Employee On boarding, etc. Sky is the limit.

Enterprise Search

We provide  you with a SharePoint portal in a secure cloud that can be your company wide enterprise search hub, indexing data from across your organization on any system and returning results in seconds.

Business Intelligence

A hosted Business Intelligence solution on SharePoint can be the perfect stop for executives and managers to view up to date, automatic interactive reports directly from the browser anytime and anywhere.

Top 6 Reasons to host with TekReach

Disaster Recovery

Your data in SharePoint is your most important asset. In case of any disaster our geo-replicated data centers are in standby to failover and ensure business continuity.


Our Data centers are rigorously audited for SSAE 16 and our team handles every aspect of the security very seriously.


Our team is here 24/7 365 days a year on the look out for your needs. We monitor, advise and support you on any technical issues from the network layer to the application.

SharePoint Support

Monitoring / Maintenance

SharePoint has too many moving components to monitor and maintain to ensure business continuity. We manage SQL databases, alerts, server resources, SharePoint notifications and monitor for signs before they become a problem.

Seamless Integration

Your SharePoint environment can integrate seamlessly with your organization anywhere in the globe. Integrate with your Active Directory for single sign on. User's will also love the speed.

Save money on resources

Quality Professional SharePoint expertise is rare. You may find many SharePoint resources, but only a few are truly competent. By hosting with us, get access to our to talent pool and save on 'risky' resources.

SharePoint can be a beast..
                                Let us hold your hand

SharePoint Integration

If you're considering integrating other application into SharePoint, why not ask us how. Integrate your Active Directory, LOB applications, or even your email.

SharePoint Help

Ask us anything you want about SharePoint. If we don't know the answer we will find it and provide you with the best solution. SharePoint can be overwhelming, get help.


Do you need training on how to build your intranet or extranet? Do you end users need training? We can help improve your experience with solid training and advise.

SharePoint Training

SharePoint customizations

SharePoint out of the box is OK, however the benefits truly come with customizations. You can hire us to customize your sites for you or help your developers customize it on a need basis.

SharePoint Features

SharePoint has hundreds of features that will make you roll your eyes. Use our help to find out if a feature is available in SharePoint or whether it will do the job.

Hosted SharePoint Plans



Single Foundation Server

SharePoint Foundation

Pefect for a basic SharePoint configuration, with low traffic.


20 GB Storage

30 Users

Single sign on



Single Dedicated Server

Great option for a low profile SharePoint Server with low traffic and performance requirements.


20 GB Storage

30 Users

SharePoint Standard

SharePoint Enterprise



Dual Dedicated Server

Great for more sophisticated environments and higher traffic and more robust performance.


100 GB Storage

100 Users

SharePoint Standard

SharePoint Enterprise



Mission Critical SharePoint

Perfect for mission critical environments that will be running high profile, high traffic applications with high availability.


Upto 10 TB Storage

100+ Users

SharePoint Standard

SharePoint Enterprise

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